Why The United States Are Improving Their Vertical Lift Aircrafts

You may believe that rotary-wing aircrafts are obsolete and they don’t have any actual purpose right now. One side of the story is that you are right. These aircrafts are truly obsolete and they come from the 70s. Almost entire United States forces, regarding these aircrafts, are simply obsolete today and there is no point using them in modern warfare. A good thing is that this country has a lot of resources and a high defense budget to invest into these aircrafts. According to the www.defencetalk.com this is already coming!

First of all, you should know what rotary-wing or commonly known, vertical lift aircrafts are. These are helicopter-based aircraft that can lift off the ground vertically. Sounds obvious right? They have a huge potential on a battlefield and during war conflicts. These aircrafts are capable of reaching areas where other aircrafts have no access and they can be used to save soldiers from impossible situations.

As we mentioned earlier, all of these aircrafts come from the 70s and they already have achieved a full potential. Upgrading them simply isn’t possible or it would be extremely expensive.

The US is planning a huge improvement

The deputy of the secretary of defense has been associated with the announcement that can help you understand how important this improvement is going to be. They have been testing the ground for new aircrafts and new programs that should revolutionize the vertical lift aircrafts and their applications. The first tests are promising and soon we can expect the first aircrafts of this kind to be used.

If we know that even the old aircrafts are still useful and still much better than equivalent units used by other armies across the planet, we can deduce the new rotary wing units are going to be extremely powerful.

Sadly, there is no information on the budget the United States plan to spend on this improvement. However, we know that an average aircraft cost between $20 million and $3 billion, so we can tell that the budget is going to be measured in billions of dollars. As with every important upgrade, the budget is going to be probably higher than the entire budget of an average country. Now you know what possibilities are going to look like.

The United States is the country that favorites vertical lift aircrafts the most. It is believed that they will; have the strongest units made of these aircrafts.