What Causes Hair Loss for Men and Women?

Did you know that a person loses from 50 to 100 hairs every day? Most of the time this is barely noticeable, and new hair grows in to take its place.

But there are some people who lose hair and it never returns. Some even lose their hair and start balding in their early twenties.

What causes balding?

Hereditary factors, illness, medication, nutritional deficiencies, and some studies show that even stress and anxiety can cause it.

Sometimes hair loss is temporary and sometimes it’s permanent. But whatever the reason, can something be done to treat it or prevent it?

Hormones play a natural part in how our hair grows, and its health. If the cause of hair loss is hormonally related, you can see thinning in both men from the forehead to the crown.

In women, there is no particular pattern, it thins randomly.

There are some drugs that can help prevent the thinning of hair, but science hasn’t come up with the perfect solution for reversal yet.

Some women report hair loss after childbirth. If this happens, it’s usually temporary and lasts usually from 1 to 6 months. Again, this is due to the hormonal changes in women, brought on by pregnancy and childbirth.

Some women who take birth control pills when they’re younger report a loss of hair if they have a genetic predisposition for Androgenic Alopecia.

If you’re a woman with a family history of hair loss, you may want to consult a doctor before taking birth control pills to explore alternative methods of contraceptives.

Sometimes the hair loss in women is temporary, and sometimes it is permanent.

A well-balanced diet with a variety of foods will help give you healthy hair. Lack of protein and erratic eating can suffer hair loss too. Vitamin A is good for the hair, plus C, and the B vitamins. Remember to include Folic Acid as well.

One thing women can do to minimize the look of thinning hair is to get a hairstyle that is layered, since it looks fluffier. Also, a hair dryer can help fluff out the hair. Visit a website that is devoted to hair dryers, like http://www.oomphed.com/, and read reviews and descriptions of various brands and features.

Low serum iron can cause hair loss, so make sure you have iron in your diet, or add an iron supplement.

If hair loss is caused by sickness or disease, sometimes the situation can be reversed by taking vitamins and eating a healthy diet.

If the balding is hereditary, there are hair growth products on the market, so explore these with a specialist before spending a lot of money and time on a product that may not work or be right for you.