Travel Blogging Beginner Tips

Travel blogging is the best way to document your travels. You give your family and colleagues a way to follow up with your travels. You also get a chance to build a following, especially with people that love traveling because you offer a firsthand view on various destinations. As a travel blogger, it is ideal that you do it right. For you to do it right, you need to start out right. Here are a few ways to start properly.

Have a Self-hosted Blog

You will waste so much time using BlogSpot or blogger. To make the best out of your travel blog, go for a hosted blog. You won’t be maximizing your potential by using free blogging sites. Have the right domain name that you can associate with and start the rite. If you find this too much to handle due to limited time and lack of skills, you can go to a site that offers pay monthly websites for use. Read more about this concept so that you know exactly what you are getting into.

Make Use of Social Media

You need to join Twitter and Facebook and join the travel blogging communities. You will be surprised at how everyone in these groups is ready to help you start the journey. These are going to be some of the people who will advise you when you lose your footing. Make sure you participate actively in these groups.

Publish stories regularly

Aside from having good content, you need to publish your adventures regularly. The recommended rate of publishing is a minimum of 3 times each week. This is because you need to build a following and you need to keep them engaged to reap big from your blog. If you know that you will be in an area with bad internet, then it is advisable to take the day off and come up with posts that you schedule for regular posting.

Have Social Media Buttons on The website

You need to have various pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networking sites. Have buttons linking to these sites on your website. Place the buttons in a place where other people can use them time and again.


You can document your travels the easy way on a self-hosted blog. Make sure you provide quality content on a regular basis to keep your fans engaged. Make use of social media as well, and redirect your social media fans to your landing page at any opportunity.