The Best Horse Arena Design

Unlike other animals, a horse is quite delicate and so high quality standards should be observed when designing the ridding arena or even the stables. Besides from the well being of the horse, the arena should be designed properly in order to make training of the horse more efficient and effective. Training the horse or riding it in a poorly designed arena is an activity that is not worth the time.

There are several factors that one should have in mind when coming up with a horse arena design. These are factors that should be used as a guideline to give direction to the design. Without these factors the arena would simply be an ordinary warehouse or just a huge empty space.

The first factor that should be considered is the location of the arena. A horse arena is not something that can be built anywhere provided there is adequate space. It is important for the arena to be built on dry and well drained soil. This is a factor that should be incorporated in any design you choose for your horse arena. If it is not possible to get a suitable ground with these features then drainage can be improved by digging a shallow ditch around the arenas’ perimeter.

The ground where the arena should be built on should be leveled but with a slight slope of not more than 2 degrees. The slight slope is aimed at allowing the rain water to flow smoothly over the surface without taking some soil with it. If the slight slope is not included in the design then puddling is going to be an issue any time it rains.

The surface material on the arena is also a very important factor to consider in your design because it is what the horse will be stepping on. The surface material acts as the cushion for the footing of the horse. Factors to consider would be the type of surface material to use and the thickness of the material. In most cases the material is made from a mixture of several compounds for example sand, clay, soil and sawdust. Whatever mixture selected it should be comfortable for the horse to step on for long periods of time. The surface should also be thick enough.

Other important features to consider in the deign

Besides from the factors discussed above there are some other factors that may not significantly affect the design but they may influence it to some extent. The first factor would be proper ventilation. Horses need clean air in order to be healthy and to perform well. No matter how cozy the horse arena design may be it must ensure that the arena is properly ventilated.

The other factor would be fire protection. When handling horses there are several things that are capable of spreading fire quickly for example hay. Due to this the design should incorporate fire safety and emergency response facilities.

Manure management should also be part of the design since it is something that cannot be avoided. The arena should have a way of handling the manure in order to ensure that the arena remains clean always. The amount of manure will depend on the number of horses but even a single horse will produce enough manure that will necessitate proper disposal.

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