Some Useful Blow Drying Tips

Everyone appreciates the glow on their hair after their stylist blow-dries it. Hair done by a stylist looks healthy and shiny. However, any blow-drying done at home does not always produce gorgeous results. In some cases, an individual may actually blow any semblance of a hairstyle altogether. All in all, proper blow-drying is not that difficult. Below are some tips and tricks that will make someone able to blow-dry his or her hair like a professional.

The ideal blow-drying technique is supposed to be gentle on the hair, leaving it with lots of luster and bounce. Above all, using the right type of blow dryer is important. The user should able to adjust the air stream and the temperature. There should be at least two settings, including one for low-temperature. The hair structure is likely to be damaged if someone uses the high-temperature setting or blow-dries the hair for too long. This may result in dry, brittle hair having split ends as well as an irritated scalp.

Before the blow drying was made popular, most visits to hair stylist were usually for a shampoo and set. As a matter of fact, the process works in a manner similar to setting the hair, with the same physical changes taking place. Heat and moisture together can cause hair to change shape temporarily. When the shape of the hair is changed, the bonds of the cortex are changed. The perming process permanently breaks and reforms the hair. A blow dry only changes the shape for a while. Hair in its natural shape is known as alpha keratin. When it is given a new shape through blow drying or when it is curled, it is referred to as beta keratin.

The hair’s cortex contains some hydrogen bond that can easily be broken by heat and moisture. When someone blow-dries the hair, he or she wets and reshapes it around a brush or curler, or in some instances with fingers. The bonds are stretched and broken by the process. When heat is applied, the moisture is removed from the hair, making the bonds reform into another shape. Should the hair come into contact with moisture or heat again, the new shape falls out. The individual should prevent the hair from absorbing moisture in order to maintain the style. This is the reason why gels and lotions are used. They coat the hair’s cuticle while slowing down moisture absorption into the cortex.

Drying a finished hairstyle is as vital as the cut itself. There are several ways of drying and styling hair. One can blow dry using a hand-held dryer, set the hair into shape with a hood dryer, towel dry with the help of finger drying, or molding and shaping hair with the use of heat-styling equipment. When using a dryer, an individual should keep it constantly moving in order to avoid application of too much heat. It is advisable to divide the hair into several portions and then secure the strands using large grips or hair clips. A heat protectant should always be used as it helps prevent blow-drying damage.

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