Nintendo 2ds. Why do I like it more?

Everything began with the issuing of the original Nintendo 3DS irritated me so-called “3D”. For half a year of using the console, I did not understand this new “wonderful counter“. I included this function to surprise friends and acquaintances. However, not for more. In some games, it is possible to watch videos in 3D, but it was impossible to play in 3D. Perhaps because 3D viewing angle is not too wide. Of course, there were exceptions when 3D did not strain at all. But in general I cannot sustain 10 minutes and if to play on the street, then you will see nothing, except own reflection. Recently I decided to look at 2DS. I have read some helpful details and bought this device.

The first impression was very pleasant.

The console is felt and lies in hand much more pleasantly, than original 3ds or DS light.

The opaque surface can only please too. Besides, that luster in original 3ds was a fingerprint magnet. It is also strongly glared on the street and practically excluded a possibility of a game in the open air. The stylus at 2ds is slightly longer than at DS light, the tip is made of special soft plastic.

New fonts also deserve separate notification. First, they seem unusually tenacious. However, soon it becomes clear that they are much more convenient than on the original 3ds. However, it directly depends on the size of brushes of the user.

Another pleasant feature – the top screen 2ds, is protected by the second opaque glass, which lags behind the display on the considerable distance. Thanks to it, there is something like “electron-tube” effect.

The console not just conveniently “lies” in hands. It is more pleasant and more convenient to play. If in original 3ds +pad it something like atavism, it is located in the bottom left corner, then at 2ds d-pad, it is located most conveniently for a playing platformers. If you are the fan of two-dimensional platformers, then it would please you strongly. Among other things, 2ds can be used for play on the street and even in the sun! On 3ds even sitting under the shade it was hardly possible to make out though something, except the own face. About design, I will not begin to tell anything, for obvious reasons. The only thing that I wish to note is this arisen feeling as if Nintendo with release 2ds decided to return to an old line of inconsistent consoles. Perhaps in a decade, we too weaned from it and 2ds is perceived by us as an axe edge. The console ideally lies in hands, and Nintendo supplied it with a pleasant company cover (you will not tell the same about Zds or 3ds xl).