Latest News In The Instagram Marketing Space

Instagram has greatly developed over the past years. The face of Instagram at its launching is not as it is currently. These changes have had a positive impact on marketing through Instagram. Some trends have emerged with the use of this platform. These changes and patterns have been brought about mostly by the changing nature of communication on social media. Here are some of the recent trends on Instagram.

    1. There have been a raised engagement rates between customers and brands

The gap between the consumers and the brand has been made smaller with the use of Instagram. This is seen where most users of products today mention at least a connection of the product with Instagram. They mostly share their experience of using the product on Instagram, giving its bright side which in turn attracts more consumers to purchase the product.

    1. Customizable chatbots

Due to the sellers of the different products and services on Instagram having to deal with numerous amount of questions and replies on different products, they have developed a system where there is a chatbot that responds to customersā€™ questions and comments on the product being marketed. These chatbots enable discussion of matters relating to the product being marketed between you and your followers.

    1. Instagram stories and in-platform messaging

This is especially observed in the trend launched by Instagram where stories pop up for a short period usually twenty-four hours then they are archived, and another story comes up. This creates an urge for the users to have a regular look at Instagram which creates so much viewing of a particular product being marketed.

    1. Automation of Instagram

Dealing with a vast number of posts, comments, questions, re-sharing on Instagram is hectic when marketing on Instagram. There has been the development of automation, where you do not have to be personally responsible for dealing with all that. Automation has taken over your work of marketing on Instagram using the various tools. It can make it possible for an individual to concentrate on the core activities of the production as you get just a regular summary of the marketing of your product on Instagram. If you are looking for a reviewed automation tool, you can checkĀ this one

The trends that have been noticed and implemented on Instagram have enabled marketing to grow to enormous extents. These changes are making its use more interactive and accessible. Moving with these changes will make the benefits you leap from marketing via Instagram exceptional and above your competitors.