Key Features To Consider When Selecting A Soda Maker

A cold soda is a favorite drink for many people on hot summers or after dinner. Taking such a drink on a daily basis can be expensive, but you can cut on cost by purchasing a soda maker. This appliance is convenient because you can use it anytime as long as you have the necessary ingredients. This equipment comes in different models, makes and sizes and it can be quite confusing for a beginner. The following are key features that should guide you when selecting a soda maker.

The Build Quality

You have to consider the material that makes your preferred soda maker. Most of the common appliances at Soda Serve are either made of plastic or metal while some models combine the two. A small percentage of these appliances have wooden parts. Metallic makes are known to be durable and stronger than plastic models. The choice of the metal also influences the convenience and durability of these appliances. Stainless steel is better than aluminum because it is easy to clean and does not rust.

Refilling Mechanism

There are different modes of refilling, but the most common ones are manual refills, SodaStream Carbonators and CO2 carbonators.

SodaStream carbonators come with long metallic cylinders. The capacity of such containers can vary between 60 and 130 liters. Such models require a refill from an authorized dealer once you exhaust the contents.

CO2 cartridges refer to small metal pellets that one inserts in the soda maker. You should replace the pellets after every use.

Manual Refills requires you to manually load the ingredients without taking the appliance to authorized dealers. You can refill the carbonator with dry ice or pair the soda maker with a tank for a continuous supply.

The Bottle Mechanism

How you fit the bottle onto the soda maker affects its efficiency and ease of use. A snap-lock mechanism requires you to push the bottle into position for it to snap in place. This feature is not very common, but it is known to be easy to execute. Twist-on is the most common mechanism with the most appliances in the market. You should twist the bottle on the soda maker for it to fit.

Understanding the above features gives you a chance to select one that fits your budget and needs. It is also worth considering the capacity depending on your family size. The choice of the design and color will depend on personal tastes and preferences.