Instagram Trends To Watch Out

If you are applying the same marketing strategies that people were using ten years ago, then the chances of your business succeeding in this digital world are very minimal. A lot has changed in the marketing space, and it is thus important to be informed and on the lookout for new trends. Instagram has evolved from a basic photo sharing app to a powerful tool for marketing and has even overtaken Twitter based on the number of users even though the latter has been in existence for longer. The following are essential trends to watch out if you want to succeed in Instagram marketing.

    1. Sponsored content

The current algorithm shows the most recent content on the newsfeed of your followers. If you post your content at eight in the morning, the chances of a follower bumping into it four hours later are very minimal. The only way to view your content is by visiting your profile, and not everyone has the time to do so. Sponsoring your content makes your content visible to many people and for a long time. It is even possible to target a certain group which ensures that you do not waste your resources in the process.

    1. Automation is key

No one can ignore the important role that automation plays in our lives. The process of preparing content, creating captivating captions and engaging followers can consume all your time. You will thus be left with very little time to deal with service delivery which affects your business negatively. You can balance between marketing and other business functions with the help of automation tools. AsĀ The Small Business Blog reports, it is very important to review a tool to ensure it follows terms and conditions of Instagram. The best tools are those that give you organic followers and does not pose a security threat to your account.

    1. Selling on Instagram Stories

This is a feature that will be a game changer when it finally rolls out to all the users. In the current setup, Instagram allows users to link to external websites on the bio section only. The new development allows users to link to their landing pages using images on Instagram Stories. The feature is only available on verified accounts only at the moment, but developers are working on increasing its reach even though it may take time. Conversions will increase as people like easy buying processes. Your Instagram account will thus become your sales funnel.