Importance of Instagram to Businesses Today

The advent and growth of social media have promoted an unexpected shift in lifestyle, business, and marketing. Social media has completely changed the way people communicate and how they advertise and market their brands. By making it easier for everyone, including both the consumer and the seller, marketing in the modern day is limitless. Even so, it is crucial to choose the right platform and have a sound strategy in mind. Being one of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram is slowly becoming a leader by commanding a large number of active users. As such, it has opened doors to whole new marketing possibilities. Click here or read on to find out why Instagram is so important as a marketing tool for most businesses today.

Building Trust

People become emotionally connected for many reasons. By sharing your everyday experiences on Instagram and behind the scenes images, users may start to see your brand from a different angle. The casual manner in which Instagram allows you to share your story with your followers also helps to create a personal connection. This, in turn, builds trust and makes your brand more attractive. You can easily connect with your customers by creating engaging content and spark conversations that may end up building important relationships.

Engagement with a Large Following

With over seven hundred active users on Instagram and a higher level of engagement compared to other platforms, Instagram provides the ideal platform to communicate your marketing message to a large audience. Through trending hashtags, you can find potential customers as it becomes much easier to discover new brands and new users.

Share your Content Through Other Channels

If you also market your brand on other platforms, Instagram makes it easy for you to share your content through the other channels. By allowing social sharing to Twitter and Facebook in your Instagram settings, any content you create will be posted automatically on those platforms.

Driving Sales

Customers in the modern day are more attracted by visual content. Hence, aligning your marketing strategy to this need makes your advertisements more engaging. Instagram has made it easy and cheaper for marketers to create exceptional marketing images for their brand promotion. At the close of business, your marketing campaign is supposed to generate sales. According to documented research, Instagram users are more likely to take action on your post by clicking the attached link. Additionally, more than a third of users on Instagram have purchased a product through the App. This gives Instagram an edge over other platforms with regard to reaching potential customers and generating more sales.