Genuine and Easy Ways of Getting More Followers on Instagram

It’s funny how time flies by, just a couple of years back, if you weren’t home for prime time news, you had no choice but to wait for the next day’s newspaper to update yourself on current affairs. Fast forward to the present day, social media has not only taken over the role of traditional media but also brought forth additional perks. As a result, competition has stiffened across the different platforms. Take Instagram for instance, being one of the most popular platforms, the more followers you get the more influential you become. Even so, becoming famous on Instagram and broadening your following takes more than just a wish. This article explores some genuine ways of increasing your following without too much effort. However, for more insight and additional information click here.

Have an awesome Profile Picture

The first thing people notice on your posts is your profile picture. It acts as the ultimate representation of your brand. Make sure you put up a great photo that draws attention and gets you recognized by people who have no idea who you are. In addition, consider that some people may be using their phones to surf, thus, take into account the quality, size and pixels of the photo you upload.

Pick a Unique niche

People have different ideas and different strategies of getting more followers on Instagram. However, one sure way of not getting anywhere is by not having a strategy in the first place. Pick up on a unique niche that would draw the attention of other users with similar interests, even those outside your friends circle. Also, come up with a unique style that your followers can associate you with and in no time the numbers will start rising.

Post regularly

The more you post the more you improve your chances of being noticed and getting new followers. Posting a couple of times in a day helps to create and build your brand. You can start by posting at different times of the day to establish what time works best for you. After a few tries, you will realize when most of your followers are active and the best time to engage.

Make good use of Hashtags

The more your post is seen by many people, the higher the likelihood of getting new followers, especially those who associate with your niche or those who like your creativity or stupidity alike. As such, use trending, as well as special hashtags. Just like you, other people are also trying to get more followers. Thus, special tags such as L4L or F4F means that you will like posts or follow those users who like your posts too or those who follow you.