Mspy Monitoring Software Reviews

Mspy has been proven one of the best monitoring tools in 2014, and as the year finally comes to an end, we are going to conclude about its features with the new customer reviews. Did the program improve much since last year? Is it still on the same level of competition? Are the customers happy with choice of the new Mspy? Let’s find out, read on!

I’ve been a happy customer of Mspy even since the launch of the program. It’s been quite a long time I suppose, and the program also has changed many times, revising everything starting from the architecture and ending up with adding the most important and vital features that the community has anticipated for years. So far, my needs have been completely satisfied, and while the new features are being released, I just take them as a bonus. Some of them were the slight improvements, but the others I really liked and used them a lot. The latest version of Mspy is also highly automated, and I can perform different kinds of actions with the single press of a button, whereas before it required doing multiple operations. Comparing it to its competitors is not easy though. I didn’t try any other programs when it comes to mobile monitoring, but I’ve read a lot of reviews! At times, it appeared to be almost equal to some of the features offered by the competitors, but at this very moment I believe it’s still one of the best. If not the best, but definitely within top 3. Guess, even if we get some better short-term offers from the competitors, in the long run it’s still better to stick with just one and reliable program, hence without having any doubts, I still choose the Mspy.

Subscribed like 2 months ago for their monitoring app. It actually gave me some hustle when I first installed it to my iPhone, but after that, the whole experience with mSpy was nothing but a breeze! In fact, it even saved me from making some erroneous business decision, thanks to the realtime monitoring tools. Without mSpy my business wouldn’t be as effective as I believe it is now. I would definitely recommend digging into this tool for the corporate purposes, but installing for personal use or curiosity may not be a very great idea, as there are plenty of other things you could spend your money for…

Mspy has captured my attention long ago. I think I’ve read their first Mspy review in last March, but I never had any necessity of using it… till now! As my girlfriend seemed a bit strange for last months, and even asked me for an additional allowance, I decided to check her up, and remembering what I’ve read in some mobile magazine about the monitoring tools, I knew that Mspy would be a perfect solution for this. I subscribed using my credit card, and within 20 minutes I’ve already managed to keep it running. Worked like a charm!