Tips to Put up Vinyl Wall Art

Living in the same house for several years can easily get boring. But as opposed to finding a new place to call home, many home owners have taken it upon themselves to make their homes a little bit more vibrant and interesting. The best way to o this is by putting up vinyl wall art to give your home a fresh and revamped look. However, disregarding the fact that wall art has become fairly popular in the recent past and is easy to put up, there are some tips that you should adhere to if you want the wall art stickers to look exquisite on your walls.

First and foremost, you should never try to put up the stickers in extreme weathers (temperatures). This is to mean that when it is either too hot or too cold, the vinyl wall arts will not stick to the wall properly. If it is too hot and you try to apply the wall art, it will stretch and spread on the wall due to the heat which makes it soft. On the other hand if it is too cold, it may not stick on the wall and will fall off easily and will not stay for long on the wall.

Another thing you should never do while applying vinyl wall art is use alcohol. This is because alcohol will dissolve some of the glue and it will not stick to the wall properly. You could use car washing products instead as they are safe for use on wall art.When putting up the wall art, do not make the mistake of touching the adhesive on the wall art as the moisture present on your skin can easily ruin the sticking properties of the glue to the wall leaving you will a useless wall art (give or take). It is also not advisable to use ice scrapers as it may lead to the wall art breaking in pieces as a result of the force. Using a car nozzle can also cause the wall sticker to break into pieces.

You should not at any one time use wax over the art and especially those that have petroleum products as their ingredients. Remember to check the surface for any wax and rainx based products as these make it difficult for the sticker to stick for a long period.

In addition to the above tips, you should know that trying to put up a wall art on a wall that is not primed is a very bad idea as it will look uneven, and that is even if it does stick to the wall. Walls having dust and other contaminants are also not the best of places to stick the wall art. Always clean and dry the walls before application.

If it is during the humid season, you may want to wait for it to pass before you can apply as the humidity in the air and the walls will make the stickers to fall off. You should also wait for the hot seasons to pass.